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Dominican education changes; motivation and technology play a leading role

“There is a break with traditional education through the use of motivation and technology.” This is what the vice-minister of
the Presidency, Juan Ariel Jiménez.

In the new model, the teacher is a guide for the student to discover knowledge through available resources. Among them
technological, as it is constituted by the Digital Republic, an initiative of President Danilo Medina.

“Change the role that the teacher would have in the classroom”

However, he stressed that the idea is not to replace the teacher, but “to change the role that the teacher would have in the classroom”. “He is a teacher who can inspire to train students through different activities.”

Jiménez was interviewed in the program A Diario, which is broadcast on Digital 15. He stressed that the new generation of teachers will leave a full-time training.

This will break the study of the teachers of Saturday or twice a week.

Significant salary increases

“A primary teacher earned 23 thousand pesos in 2012, today earns 46 thousand pesos,” said the official. He stressed that this will continue to improve with the performance evaluation that will be carried out periodically.

He assured that with the Extended School Day the teachers earn a higher salary than they received with two courses.

Since 2013 Danilo Medina has met annually with the allocation of 4% of GDP to education, he said.

That budget has been used for construction and equipment schools and other remodeling. Also in the implementation
of the Extended School Day, which includes breakfast, lunch and snack.

In general, the working and salary conditions of the teachers have been improved, among other achievements.