They say a rising tide lifts all boats, but with climate change upon us, many are wondering if that could include cities as well. Eat your heart out, Kevin Costner, because a real Water World is being built in the South Pacific. By 2022, between 250 and 300 people could be floating off the coast of Tahiti, buying pina coladas with Vayrons as their independent, floating city-state eases out to sea to avoid a coming typhoon. That’s the dream of thinkers and investors
We knew Tinder Places — the dating app’s new way to connect people through location sharing — was coming, but Tinder officially announced today that it’s testing the service in Australia and Chile. Places will let users find potential matches based off of the places they travel, whether that be a dog park, restaurant, coffee shop, or movie theater. The idea, Tinder says, is to give users a mutual interest. It’s powered through Foursquare, which
“There is a break with traditional education through the use of motivation and technology.” This is what the vice-minister of the Presidency, Juan Ariel Jiménez. In the new model, the teacher is a guide for the student to discover knowledge through available resources. Among them technological, as it is constituted by the Digital Republic, an initiative of President Danilo Medina. “Change the role that the teacher would have in the classroom” However, he stressed that
The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Dominican Republic is weak. Government iniciatives lack of planning and effective operational infraestructures. Efforts are disperse and mediocre. Although, as Gerardo said, there are several iniciatives that help entrepreneurs to meet each other. More talented people get together through entrepreneurial events and facebook fan pages like Startup Weekend Dominican Republic and Hackers and Founders. But it is very dificult for entrepreneurs to develop something considering what phillip mentioned before.  There is
The Dominican Republic (DR) might be a small island but it has a lot of reasons to be proud. Not only is it the oldest country in the Americas but it is also home to the first capital city (Santo Domingo), cathedral, university and hospital. Now, the island of 10,785,200 people has a new reason to be proud as it will be hosting Startup Weekend in the country’s capital from the 15 – 17 of